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Chinks Fashion with Floral Yoke Set

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Chinks Fashion with Floral Yoke Set. Tuotenro 65-3298.

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Chinks Fashion with Floral Yoke Set, pintanahkaa, kaunis kukkakuvioitu vyötäröosa, väri:  konjakinruskea.

Valmistaja: Weaver.

Handcrafted in The USA.

High end fashion styling sets these chinks apart from the rest! Handcrafted from chrome tanned pull-up leather in rich golden tones, these chinks feature details that turn heads including floral tooled yoke and scallop set, floral conchos with black accents, and sewn-on contrasting fringe outlined with antique silver umbrella spots. Designed for added freedom of movement, they feature adjustable leg straps, back buckle closures and front tie closures to keep these chinks in place. 

Chink Sizing Chart

Size   Waist       Upper Thigh  Total Length

S      27″-32″        23 1/2″           32″

M    32″-38″        25 1/2″           34″

L     36″-42″         27 1/2″           36″

XL  41″-47″         29 1/2″            36″



S, M, L, XL