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Scippis Riding Jacket öljykangastakki

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Scippis Riding Jacket öljykangastakki. Tuotenro 1J20.

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Scippis Riding Jacket öljykangastakki, alkuperäinen, australialainen puolipitkä öljykangastakki on helmi ratsastajille mutta suosittu myös muiden ulkoilufanien keskuudessa! Halkio takahelmassa antaa enemmän liikkumisvapautta. Takissa on napillinen sisätasku ja hartiaviitta. Materiaali 12 unssin öljykangas. Väri ruskea. Unisex malli sopii miehille ja naisille. Scippis Riding Jacket on jokaisen ratsastajan ja ulkoilun harrastajan suosikkitakki!

A real masterpiece for outdoors! 

The original Australian riding jacket made of real oilskin is a jewel for riders – but also popular with other outdoor fans. Thanks to the particularly robust workmanship, it reliably keeps the wearer warm and dry. The slightly longer cut and the classic features make the jacket with the striking shoulder cape a real masterpiece. A slit in the back hem allows more freedom of movement, which is particularly practical and comfortable when riding, for example. It is equipped with an inner pocket that can be closed in style with a button. The Riding Jacket was developed with a lot of passion, expertise and the many years of experience of SCIPPIS – after all, out in Down Under, but also here in the country, everything has to fit perfectly! 12oz Oilskin.

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