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Scippis Drover Jacket öljykangastakki

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Scippis Drover Jacket öljykangastakki. Tuotenro 1J01.

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Scippis Drover Jacket öljykangastakki, perinteinen australialainen puolipitkä öljykangastakki. Laadukas materiaali on vettä ja tuulta hylkivää sekä hengittävää. Takissa on tyylikäs irrotettava hartiaviitta. Unisex malli sopii miehille ja naisille. Kaunis klassikkotakki moneen menoon!

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Traditional outback style in tried and tested oilskin quality, that’s the unique Drover Jacket by SCIPPIS. The extremely water- and wind-repellent as well as breathable properties are characteristic of the high-quality material. After all, the real Australian Drover ”cattle drivers” absolutely appreciated this. This cult clothing still helps to survive the tough everyday life or all activities in wind and weather. The high-quality leather trimmings on the collar and crook of the arm make the Drover Jacket twice as robust. The beautiful SCIPPIS jacket is particularly versatile thanks to the stylish shoulder cape that can be unbuttoned. Material 12oz Oilskin.

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