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Ray Holes Saddle Butter 85 g

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Ray Holes Saddle Butter 85 g. Tuotenro RH-SBT.

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Ray Holes Saddle Butter 85 g, hoitaa ja suojaa nahkatuotteita, ei lisättyjä keinotekoisia aineita, valmistetaan Montanassa, USA:ssa.

Valmistaja: Ray Holes Leather Care.

Ray Holes Saddle Butter. The Original since 1936. No artificial substances added. Preserves and softenens leather. The original recepie combines pure neatsfoot oil, beeswax and Carnuba wax into a universal conditioner causing little or no discoloration and will leave a surface that can easily be buffed to a shine. Made especially for leathers exposed to foul weather and hard service. Use on Saddles, Boots, Chaps, Gun Scabbards, Luggage, Holsters, Bridles, and any leather parts for your horse and outdoor gear.

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