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Professional’s Choice Mohair Roper satulavyö

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Professional’s Choice Mohair Roper satulavyö. Tuotenro PCRC.

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Professional’s Choice Mohair Roper satulavyö, leveä satulavyö, 100% mohairia. Pehmeä, vahva, luonnostaan elastinen mohair on miellyttävää käyttää. Metalliosat ruostumatonta terästä, rullasolki helpottaa vyön kiristämistä.

Valmistaja: Professional’s Choice.

Made in The USA.

  • Hand woven mohair
  • Stainless steel hardware that won’t rust
  • Roller-buckle maks cinching easier

Made of 100% mohair, the Professionals Choice Roper Cinch is hand woven. All-natural fibers are soft, strong and have natural elasticity, allowing your horse to breathe easily. Rugged stainless steel center D-rings are reinforced to ensure a longer life and wont rust. Stainless steel roller buckle makes cinching easy.

NOTE: Due to the natural fiber of this item, it will initially be smaller than sized, but will stretch to fit correct sizing upon usage.



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