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Mustang Economy Mountain Naruriimu setti

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Mustang Economy Mountain Naruriimu setti. Tuotenro 1029.

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Mustang Economy Mountain Naruriimu setti, johon kuuluu naruriimu ja riimunnaru, 100% nylonia.

Valmistaja: Mustang.

Mustang’s top selling halter and lead combination. Made from a continuous piece of rot resistant 1/4” two toned diamond braided poly rope with a 5/8” x 8’ detachable poly lead. Washable with no hardware to break make this a must have buy. From 800 lbs to 1100 lbs.




red/white – punainen/valkoinen, royalblue/white – sininen/valkoinen, brown/beige – ruskea/beige, black/beige – musta/beige, green/beige – vihreä/beige, lila/lime, orange/black – oranssi/musta, turquoise/white – turkoosi/valkoinen