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Mattes lampaantalja

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Mattes lampaantalja. Tuotenro MSLBS.

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Mattes lampaantalja, ihanan pehmeä lampaantalja aitoa lampaanvillaa, pituus noin 105 cm, karvan pituus vähintään 3 cm. Sopii upeasti kotia koristamaan tai talliin, mökille, rekeen, missä vain tarvitset mukavaa ja laadukasta lampaantaljaa. Country-henkeä parhaimmillaan!

Valittavissa monta kaunista väriä tilaustuotteena! Tilaustuotteen toimitusaika noin 5 – 8 viikkoa. Ota yhteys info@westernspirit.fi niin selvitämme saatavuuden!

Valmistaja: Mattes.

Naturally shaped lambskin, polished wool. Fluffy, naturally shaped lambskins are perfect for tiled or wooden floors or even as wall hangings. They are made of pressed, silky smooth wool – super premium quality of course, just like all Mattes lambskin products. The MATTES naturally-shaped lambskin is available in more than 30 different colours – all the colours we use for our equestrian lambskin products. Dark or light, discreet or vibrant, the choice is yours. The pile of the wool is at least 30 mm deep.

Under certain circumstances, dark or brightly coloured lambskin may discolour your horse’s hair or other materials due to the horse’s sweat or the use of unsuitable detergents. Strongly coloured leather such as saddles etc. may also leave stains.

MATTES® lambskin items should be washed frequently. Correct care and washing is very important and will provide you with many more years of enjoyment from your product.






Light yellow (natural) – luonnonvaalea, Grey – harmaa