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Diamond Wool Rhody Pad

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Diamond Wool Rhody Pad. Tuotenro 07-DR32.

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Diamond Wool Rhody Pad, satulapatja, hevosta vasten hengittävä ja liukumaton Aero-Spacer Dri-Lex -materiaali, välissä 1″/noin 2,5 cm paksuinen villahuopa, päällinen vahvaa puuvillacanvaasia, koko 32″x32″/noin 81×81 cm, väri Charcoal.

Valmistaja: Diamond Wool.

Made in The USA.

The Rhody Pad is made with a durable solid brushed fabric top and an AERO-SPACER® DRI-LEX® bottom, which is a unique three-layer knit construction that creates a built in air chamber. This non-slip material will provide air circulation that will ventilate and cool the horse. Closely quilted with a 1″ Wool felt filler completed with suede wear leathers.