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Classic Equine Cowboy Series kannukset

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Classic Equine Cowboy Series kannukset. Tuotenro 6667.

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Classic Equine Cowboy Series kannukset, apilanlehtirissa, kantapannan leveys 1″/noin 2,5 cm, kaula 2″/noin 5 cm, kantaleveys noin 9,5 cm, level 2.

Valmistaja: Classic Equine.

Classic Equine Cowboy Series, 1″ band, 2″ shank spur. Weighted to remain in place on your boot heel. Great all around performance spur designed with classic cowboy style. Size: large.

A level 2 spur is an all around spur for everyday riding. It suits any type of rider. They have medium shank and rowels that are not too sharp.

Classic Equine