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Cowboy silkkihuivi Western Wild Rag Paisley

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Cowboy silkkihuivi Western Wild Rag Paisley. Tuotenro 12-09042.

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Cowboy silkkihuivi Western Wild Rag Paisley, klassinen paisley kuvioinen cowboy huivi, sopii miehille ja naisille, 100% silkkiä, silkki on viileää kesällä ja lämmittää talvella, koko 33″x33″/noin 84 x 84 cm.

Western Wild Rag Paisley, also known as Cowboy Scarves. These popular wild rag is an old west tradition in a modern cowboy era. Used by men and women alike, adding color to your outfit or keeping dust off of your face.

  • 100% Silk
  • Finished Size: 33 x 33″
  • Rolled and Sewn Edges
  • Smooth Luxurious Feel
  • Keeps Warm in Winter and Cool in Summer



beige – tan, lila – purple