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Bootsien hoitosetti Boot Care Set

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Bootsien hoitosetti Boot Care Set. Tuotenro 60-26.

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Bootsien hoitosetti Boot Care Set, bootsien hoitosetti sisältää Scout Boot Care kenkävoiteen, Scout Boot Care All Purpose puhdistus- ja hoitoaineen, pyyhkeen ja kaksi harjaa bootsien puhdistukseen, lisänä ”Boot jack” kenkähaarukka, jolla bootsit saa helposti jalasta pois. Hoitosetti on pakattu kauniisti puulaatikkoon. Mainio lahjaidea!

The Boot Care Set includes:

  • A boot jack, which does not damage the boots when taking off
  • Scout Boot Care Boot Cream, which protects the leather, moisturizes the leather for a longer life, hides small scratches, neutral care cream for leather, is also suitable for exotic leather
  • Scout Boot Care All-Purpose Cleaner and Conditioner, which helps to maintain the natural shine of the leather, for all types of leather, prevents cracks from drying out, Waxfree, Cleans the leather, makes the leather water repellent
  • Cleaning and polishing towel
  • A rough brush and a brush

Packed in a wooden box.