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Snaffle Bit O-Ring Brushed nivelkuolain 12,7 cm

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Snaffle Bit O-Ring Brushed nivelkuolain 12,7 cm. Tuotenro 3373.

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Snaffle Bit O-Ring Brushed, nivelkuolain yhdellä nivelellä (huom! kuvasta poiketen), renkaan mitat : halkaisija noin 6 cm sisäreunasta mitattuna, leveys noin 1 cm, ympärysmitta noin 26 cm ulkoreunasta mitattuna, mattapinta, suukappale kupariupotuksin, leveys 12,7 cm, level 1.

SS Brushed Performer O-ring snaffle Bit. Finish: Brushed Stainless. MP: 5″ Snaffle, Curved, Copper Inlays. CP: Loose Ring.

A Level One bit is made primarily for young horses. The mouthpieces are, in general, smooth, not too thin and without too much leverage, so they don’t apply too much pressure on the chin or bars. Also, the cheeks are short. Level One bits can be used by most of riders with any kind of hands.