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Classic Equine Biofit Correction Pad Shim

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Classic Equine Biofit Correction Pad Shim. Tuotenro 5924.


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Classic Equine Biofit Correction Pad Shim, koko 31″ x 32″.

Valmistaja: Classic Equine.

Made of the same design and quality wool felt as the original BioFit, but backed with an ultrasoft moisture wicking fleece bottom that offers added shock absorption and comfort. 100% virgin wool fleece contacts horse for superior feel and comfort. Thick orthopedic fleece center absorbs shock and disperses pressure. Closed-cell foam shim is wedge-shaped to alleviate saddle fit issues. Contoured to fit the horse’s shape more closely. Alleviates “downhill” saddle fit due to atrophy or conformation issues at the withers. Adjustable correction; slide forward for less, slide back for more.

Classic Equine